Functional Fitness Class

José Ángel Lizarraga is the personal trainer that Clara, Craig and Margaret have been seeing in Mazatlan. He has agreed to come out and give it a try here at EDM at Craig’s urging.

Marcela is setting up an area on the patio outside the gym and we are installing TRX straps and rubber matting. It looks like José Ángel will be able to start next week!
He will come out on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 10am to 12pm. The cost is $2000 pesos a month. Your semi-personal session with him runs about 30 minutes.
Please let Margaret know if you have any questions. And please let her or Craig know if you are

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Spanish Class

Spanish Class will be held on Wednesday at 3 pm at Condo 1105/6. This week, the group will read their essays they have been working so hard on all week. (@@#$%^!) Essays should attempt to use the core words we have been learning all month:

Tengo que = I have to, Me gustaría = I would like to, Quiero = I want to, Necesito = I need to, Voy a = I am going to. Link them with the essential expressions we have learned: para nada, es que, lo bueno es, por eso and lo bueno es que. Also required are the verbs we have learned: hablar, comer, vivir, gustar, descansar, trabajar, querer, visitar, invitar, irse, ayudar, llamar, acabar, regresar, ver, poder, estudiar, and estar. For those of you who missed last week, let me know if you have any questions. For those procrastinators among us, we will probably not have time to get through all the essays in a single session. (In other words, next week is fine)

Be prepared to read your composition outloud. For those wanting a preview of next weeks’ lesson, please go to:

If you are just starting out, don’t lose hope. Download the guide and read it out loud. Come and sit during the class just to listen. Everyone is welcome.

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Paradis in Paradise

WHEN — Saturday, February 22


WHAT TIME. – 6 30 – 9 30


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Note from Terry and Claire — Las Lagunitas eBulletin Board

We wanted to let you know that EDM staff will be setting up tables and chairs for the party on Saturday by 2 PM as they are finished work at that time. Beach lounge chairs will still be available at the south end of the Phase 1 pool. A few people have asked if they could bring […]

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Pickleball Round Robin

Anyone interested in a 16 person tournament next week please contact kris.

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WordPress is Upgrading

Looks like WordPress, the host for the Las Lagunitas blog, is trying to upgrade its site and is running into problems. Sorry for any inconvenience

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Decorating Items Needed

The Friends of Barrón Medical and Dental Clinic is nearing completion and is due to open after Carnaval is over. It occupies a large space on the main plaza of Barrón and will provide first aid, dental services as well as medical services on a flexible schedule. What is needed today are decorations; wall hangings as well as small tables. If you have anything that you would like to contribute, please respond with a comment. Any other donations, including cash, will be entertained and appreciated.

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