Charity Golf Tournament

Dear Estrella del Mar Resident,

Good afternoon,

As you may know we are a few days away from hosting the 13th Annual Charity Tournament, I want to invite all of you to have the opportunity to help out our amigos de Barron and sea turtle sanctuary. Currently I only have 16 Homeowners that have signed up, we are giving away nearly $650,000 pesos in prizes plus the welcoming kit, food & drinks, raffle along with our hole in one prizes on every par 3 which this year includes a home lot on hole #16. There is a special prize for Members of $5,000 pesos and Homeowners of $6,000 pesos. I have attached the itinerary and registration form, feel free to contact me or my staff at the proshop for any question you may have. I will really appreciate your participation in this event, help me stand united for this tournament as I do it specially for the Homeowner base during the last weekend of January.

This year´s tournament will have an excellent pace of play. Currently I have 17 ladies signed up which I am very happy about, I think is the most we have ever had.

My Kindest Regards.,

Jorge Corral

Director of Golf PGAM

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The Cutie Pie Grifter

I forgot to mention that this young man, who is probably richer by at least $1,000 pesos after yesterday, is very good looking, in excellent shape and appropriately obsequious. Please beware of anyone knocking on your door selling anything.

Also, and this is really important, tell EDM security. 915-8310. At this time, you may not be able to speak to anyone who speaks English but we are working on that. Try to call the hotel reception 915-5850. You will have to wait for the pre recorded menu to run but eventually will be offered the option of speaking to someone in English. This does not always work. Or you can send a message to the webmaster on Las Lagunitas, who might be asleep. Or you can text your golfing buddies throughout the complex and let them know.

The point is, you must try to tell someone. If you see something, say something. This guy showed up first over by the hotel and during the next two and a half hours, worked his way around the homes and then the phase one condos. Even after the EDM guards were on the lookout and actively seeking this guy, he evaded detection and continued knocking on doors and charming his way into some wallets.

Remember, it takes a Village.

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Train Wreck Spanish

Is on at 4. Bring your questions and your refreshment and we’ll have some fun.

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Grifter Sighted Again

A young male National is again trying to collect money from home and condo owners. This happened last spring and I think it’s the same individual. Last year, he was selling door paint jobs, this year its screens for sliding doors or kitchen windows. He either claims to work for the HOA and knows Silvia’s name or he says he works for Luis Lizarraga. Today, he was dressed all in black; tight T-shirts, black jeans, black bag-like backpack. He has dark sunglasses hung around his neck on a black cord. His head is shaven closely. He carries a long black length of cordage which he uses to measure the windows.

Security is currently out looking for him but it’s getting dark pretty fast.  If you see him, please let security know: (669) 915-8310.

And please remember. No one is allowed to market things door-to-door here at EDM. This guy is only out to take your deposit and will then disappear.

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Stone Island Tour Redux

Donna Cunliffe will again lead a group around the businesses of Stone Island on Friday morning, the 26th of January. We can all go out to lunch afterwards. Please contact Jan ( if you have an interest in attending.

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Train Wreck Spanish

A super informal gathering at which Spanish words will be employed is scheduled for 4 pm on Sunday at the condo 106 patio, Phase I. Price of admission is a beer, some iced tea or a glass of wine. Plastic only please. Please also bring a word or phrase that you would like to explore in a conversational atmosphere. It could be a sign in Spanish you’ve passed along the road and don’t understand. Or it could be a phrase you really wish you’d have been able to say to your maid or waiter. Please note. This is not Spanish lessons. Those are available through the hotel management. This is a gab and giggle session at which Spanish will be employed. We may even end up singing La Bamba. Should be fun. All levels are welcome.

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Group Meditation Schedule Changes

From now until further notice, the guided group meditation will only occur on Tuesday and Thursday. Thank you.

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