Not Only Does Life Go On, It Begins

Guadalupe, an FOB scholarship student sponsored by Kelly Cosgrove and Joe Peters, graduates.
Guadalupe is a brand new teacher!
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Golf Course Update

Hope this finds you all doing well. Wanted to share these pics for your blog. They have redone the tee boxes on the front nine with plugs from the new grass on the greens. Been about 3 weeks thus far. Course opens to public on the 15th June, with temp tee boxes on all holes as they will start redoing the back tees probably this next week or so. Been told they will also be replacing many sprinkler heads for better course coverage. Restaurants and hotel open end of next week with Soccer team showing up for semi annual practice.

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Friends of the Isla

Hello Everyone,
A donation has been made to the Community Kitchen in the Colonia of Isla de la Piedra. It is providing meals 2 times per week for about 300 people. All the work is being done by local volunteers.
Again, this was made possible because of your support for our fundraisers this past season.
Thank you everyone. Stay safe. Stay well.
Friends of the Isla Committee

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Happy Memorial Day

I have just discovered that cows make excellent grass trimmers. Kelly’s very tame Pink 1480 snuck in yesterday and proceeded to do my weed-whacking for me before she left obvious sign of her illegal entry. I had left the gate open. She and I had an eye-to-eye; I could almost touch her outstretched nose with my hand as I politely asked her to exit before defecating. She complied.

Neatly trimmed aspen-island in my yard. Notice I spooked her out before she got around to the back.
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Even Cows Know Enough to Socially Distance

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101 Years Ago

Amazing how History is repeated!


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Anyone heard from Ed?

What you can help me with: Does anyone have Ed Freeman’s current email address? The one I have used in the past is not functioning so wondering if someone has an updated current one. ??

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