HOA Dues Due

Just a friendly reminder that the HOA dues are due in Phase I. I don’t know about the other regimes, but in Phase I, monthly dues are due on the ides of the month (the 15th).

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Art Workshop at Phase II

WHO?        Miguel Flores, Art Instructor from Gallery Baupres
WHEN?     Sunday, March 5: 11 – 3
WHERE?   Phase 2 Palapa
SUBJECT? Scenic Landscape
COST:         $400 pesos/person
Requirements: your own paints (preferably oils, but could be acrylics), brushes, etc. and a 40×50 canvas
**Contact Susan Paradis at 178-0131, shermanparadis@gmail.com, by Wednesday March 1 if you would like to join the class, and if you would like her to pick up a canvas for you.

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Dental Clinic Passes Milestone

Congratulations to Claire Silk.


Estrella del Mar resident and retired dental hygienist Clair Silk has passed a milestone. Her original idea of trying to improve the dental health of the children of Barron has succeeded beyond her wildest expectations and she has managed to pass the responsibility of the program to local authorities.

Claire, along with EDM resident Janice Schoen, spend the morning of February 22, 2017 at the Barron kindergarten treating 65 four-, five- and six-year olds with fluoride. This program was initiated three years ago as a supplement to the full dental treatments administered to the entire primary school, a program that began in 2013. Over the course of the program, significant gains have been made in the dental health of the children of Barron.

barron-smile-chartAs you can see from the chart, the dental clinics have happened every year since 2013. We have treated over 14,000 teeth and every year, fewer and…

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Telephone Book Available

The beta-test copy of the new EDM Telephone Book is attached. It contains the first 40 responders.  Latecomers will be added to the list as necessary.  To download updated copies of the list, please use the “Telephone Directory” tab at the top of the Las Lagunitas website. I will be updating the EDM contacts list as information trickles in.

Thank you for your cooperation.


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Phone Directory Anyone?

It has come to my attention that residents here would like an updated telephone directory. My most recent copy dates from 2006. Because of privacy issues, the HOA administration cannot compile a list for us. But if you would like to make your phone number available to your neighbors, please fill out the form below.  I will create a tab on this website (at the top) that you can click and access.  You should be able to print it.

I will ask Lori to notify the general ownership using her secure server because I know all owners do not follow this blog site. Hopefully, they will contact me if they would like to be included.

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Isla Piedra Botanic Garden

Yesterday morning a photographer friend and I went to the botanic garden on Stone Island to see if we could capture a few pictures. It was a clear pleasant day and so very enjoyable! We saw a LOT of birds, and while my friend knows the names of most of them, I do not. Here […]

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FOB Progress Checklist for 2017

SCHOLARSHIPS 30 kids on scholarship 18 High School 12 University 22 sponsors Annual Cost: $17,100 USD Funds Raised: $12,700 8 New Sponsors Still Needed SCHOOL IMPROVEMENTS Internet brought to all t… Continue reading

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