Bedroom Suite For Sale

I have a queen bedroom suite for sale. Price includes the headboard, frame and side tables but not the mattress. Contact Carol at

contact info:

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Evening Meditation

 I have had several requests for an evening meditation group.
 I will be offering a group meditation every Wednesday evenings starting January 16th at 7:00pm Sharp.  Please don’t come in late🙏.  It will take place in my condo #312.  No experience necessary.  The benefits are scientifically proven.  Among many other benefits, it is a great way to wind down the day and get a great night sleep.
 Please come join the group.
Clara Pursley

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Golf Instruction Today

Don’t forget that Kim will be holding a fairway game and course management class today at 3:30. The cost is $25 and all are welcome.

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Mea Culpa

The date for spaghetti night is Tuesday, not tomorrow. Please forgive my inability to remember days of the week. It’s a consequence of retirement. And I love it.

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Water Aerobics

: Water Aerobics resume Monday at 9:30 in the Phase 1 pool.

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Tankless water heater for sale

I have a new iHeat tankless water heater that I decided not to use. It is an S12, 60 amp, stainless steel digital heater, link below. $200. 

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Spaghetti Special

Don’t forget spaghetti night at Carmelita’s Tuesday. It starts at four with dinner, music and half price margaritas.

Please reply in the comment section if you plan to attend.

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