Beach Clean Up Day

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Don’t Forget Kim’s Clinic

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Unusual Sighting

A deceased rough-toothed dolphin has washed ashore in front of lagunilla uno. It weighs about 300 pounds and the grounds crew is planning on burying her as soon as possible. These dolphins rarely are seen from shore, preferring deep tropical waters. There population has not been studied well but may number in the 100,000s. They are most often seen in the Mediterranean.

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Don’t Forget to Change your Clocks.

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Local U13 Soccer Team Needs Support

The Barrón U13 soccer team, coached by Phase I head gardener Pedro, has organized and is part of a growing league in the area. They play once or twice a week but are in need of matching uniforms. I can’t tell you how difficult it is to make a decent pass downfield when you are unsure of your target.

Their families have raised about half of what is needed to get matching shirts. If you are a football fan, and if you love the beautiful game, please drop off your pocket change at Condo 106, phase one and I’ll be sure to get it to Pedro. Or you can just give it to him yourself.

Thank you in advance.

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Found April 2 on EDM #17 fairway. Garmin Golf GPS. To claim contact Joe Oviatt.

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Free Golf Clinic


Resident Golf Clinic

Have a question about some part of the game?  I’ll do my best to answer all questions and hopefully make golf easier and better for everyone!

Monday, April 8

3:00 PM

On the driving range

For more information contact Kim at 


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