Friends of Barron

Friends of Barron,
I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those people who helped to support the schools in Barron through many avenues – by donating time, effort, expertise and (especially) money. Through these combined efforts, we have been able to: 

  •  provide new wiring & fans, a cistern and a water pump to the Pre School (90 students)
  • develop a community library in the elementary school (250 students) by renovating an unused, ill equiped and run down classroom.
And that is just so far this year!
Regarding the secondary school (120 students), our work is just beginning. We have committed to providing air conditioning in their badly overcrowded classrooms (there are 45 students in a space the size of your living room)and to assisting the community in raising funds for a new computer classroom. This project will involve building a new classroom, supplying the desks and chairs and providing approximately 40 computers (they already have received 23 computers through a government program but there is no where to set them up and no Internet service at the school, so they sit in boxes in the corner).
This is where you can help us raise funds by: 

  • sponsoring some fund raising activity 
  • donating money
Our goal is to assist Barron in raising money so they can qualify for the government “School Improvement Program”. This program provides 70% of the cost of a school project if the community can come up with the first 30%.  The cost of the new computer classroom is approximately 280,000 pesos of which the community would donate 84,000 pesos. So far, the Committee of the Fathers and Mothers of the Secondary Schools has raised 2500 pesos. They need a minimum of 25,000 pesos by March 15 to begin to qualify for the School Improvement Program. This is an election year in Mexico and projects such as these are very likely to be funded quickly. The resulting improvement in the secondary schools’ ability to educate kids is incalculable.
If you can help, please get in touch with me, Dale Lyster in Condo #117 (Phase 1, Las Lagunitas), or Dick McGuire in Condo 105, Las Lagunitas, Checks can be made out to “Friends of Barron” and mailed to Dale in Canada, (Dale Lyster, 239
> Edgedale Dr NW, Calgary, Alberta, Canada  T3A-2R8) or you can visit our blog at to donate and learn more about the work that has already been done in Barron and the needs it faces.
These kids deserve more than they presently have. Please help if you can.  Thank you.
Dale Lyster


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