S.H.A.R.P. Card Info

The Salud Health and Rewards Program (SHARP) is a membership loyalty scheme committed to help you get the most out of your health care dollar. It is offered by the Hospital Sharp in Mazatlan and there is a nominal fee of 250 pesos for the first two years. Holders of a SHARP card receive the following benefits:

1. Medical Alert Wallet Card – has your blood type, photo, allergy warnings and direction to transport you to Sharp Hospital in Spanish in case of emergency.

2. Sharp will maintain your emergency contact list.

3. Insurance provider information will be maintained on file.

4. You can get an annual medical check-up at a discounted price.

5. You qualify for discounts on an array of services including 30% off a luxury hospital room, 15% off radiology and imaging, 15% off laboratory, 15% off emergency consult, 15% off emergency room, 15% off physiotherapy, 5% off intensive therapy room use.

6. Special packages to scan for breast health, prostate health and heart health will be promoted from time to time.  Presently, a Heart Health package is being offered.

7. Members receive an email newsletter.

8. There will be an English speaking concierge to help you understand what is happening to you if you do use the services at the hospital.

9. Your Sharp card will get you free parking at the hospital lot.

There is an application process. Contact Dagde Elenes at Hospital Sharp Mazatlan, 986-56-78 EXT 105.  or delenes@hospitalsharp.com.

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