Yuba’s Breaded Shrimp is the Best

After the Grand Opening of the library, we had a chance to eat at Yuba’s Restaurant in Barron.  It was delicious.  The Breaded Shrimp is the best I have EVER tasted.  They also serve Crab Tostadas that rival those at Cuchupetas. Right now, that is the extent of their menu, but they are working on a Garlic Shrimp dish that was pretty good. Yuba’s is located on the north west corner of the main plaza in Barron.  Right now, all the streets are torn up because of the major road paving project in town, but it would be worth it to park out by the stadium and walk the three blocks south to find Yuba’s. The ambiance leaves a lot to be desired but you won’t notice as you scarf down those shrimp.  They are called “camarones empanizados”.  Try it! You’ll like it!

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