Where in the World?

I hope the rain didn’t stick around all day yesterday. I know I didn’t. I am presently on the western shore of the Sea of the Cortez in a beautiful city that used to be the capitol of California. We plan on driving into the rugged mountains to our west today to visit a mission that was established in 1777. Where are we?

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3 Responses to Where in the World?

  1. kathy coonce says:

    Did you take the ferry over to Loreto? Like the webste!!!


    • La_Lagunita says:

      Ding Ding Ding Ding.

      Yes we are in Loreto! We had a wonderful day. The water is clear and blue. The islands are so scenic. We are off again tomorrow, so stay tuned.


  2. Jim Baillon says:

    Beats me. Wikipedia doesn’t show any Missions established in that year.


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