A Whale Away, Maties, a Whale Away!

Grey whales have the longest known migration route on earth. They swim from the tip of the Aleutian Islands to the tip of Baja California every year, some 6,100 miles one way. Our destination today is a small town near the lagoon with the largest concentration of grey whale females and calves. It is known for its mission and its oasis of date plam trees.

It’s really windy here in Loreto, nice and sunny too. Somebody tell me what it’s like in MZT! I remember that the tide chart is going to even out with the approach of the half moon tomorrow night.

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5 Responses to A Whale Away, Maties, a Whale Away!

  1. Dale Lyster says:

    I was thinking of you two whale watching as Lynda and I were watching the Canadians, Virtue and Moir, win the Ice Pairs Events at the Olympics. Like you, we’re having a “whale of a time!”


  2. kathy coonce says:

    It’s just like the Baja, windy windy, windy for the last 2 days and chilly tonight. Looking forward to seeing the video Thursday!


  3. Bob&Julie Wallace says:

    Yes, the blue, sunny skies are back!!!!It was amazing to see one 24 hr. period of rain and even thunder and lightning….Hopefully Pat and Jerry are taking good care of your Bird of Paradise……


  4. Bob Sanz says:

    Hi Kris. We hope that you all are having a wonderful time and that you get really close to the whales. Mary and I saw one breaching over and over again this morning during a walk on the beach. We saw at least a dozen jumps with most of the whale’s body out of the water followed by huge splashes. A beautiful day here.


  5. Lisa Pratt says:

    Hola Kris,
    We missed your spanish class on Thursday. The weather here has gone back to it’s usual blue sunny skies, warm and breezy. There were alot of dolphins feeding during yoga class Friday morning. Have a great time…hope you see mucho whales. Saludos!


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