Thank you!

The Christmas Fund Committee would like to extend a big “thank you” to each and everyone who contributed to the 2009 16-A Christmas fund.  Through your generosity we were able to brighten the holiday season for 23 employees.

For the past 6 years, the owners at 16-A are asked to voluntarily contribute to Employee Christmas fund.  The money is distributed among the employees who work directly for us and for others who provide us services throughout the year.  Those who received gifts from the owners included our HOA staff, our maintenance man (Rafael) our gardeners, security staff, accounting person, Rosario (our maid), those who maintain our grounds which include those who mow, trim, fumigate, and rake. Gifts also were distributed to those who keep areas clean such as those who clean the pool, collect the garbage, and rake the beach.

Each recipient received an individual Christmas card, which was imprinted with a message from 16-A and a list of those who contributed.  Broad smiles, tears and “muchas gracias” were heart-warming for all of us. 

This year 39 of the 62 condo owners along with 5 of the 18 Homes/Lots contributed to the fund.  The approximately $4,800 certainly was appreciated by our employees and extended beyond these individuals as several of the employees told us how they planned to use the money.

A special thanks goes to Jan Schoen (#216) who took the lead in contacting owners and sending out letters this past year.  Susan Baillon (#213) has agreed to take the lead for the 2010 year, along with the help of Jan Schoen, Hazel Frick (#400) and Patty Crawford (#222).  Gail Middlemiss has agreed to organize the 2010 Christmas Fund for the Homes and Lots.

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