Subasta en Silencio

Subasta is the Spanish word for auction and Friends of Barron is going to have one today to help raise money for the Barron Schools. We have over $2500 worth of goods and services already donated and I’m sure more stuff will get organized at the last minute. I will try my darndest to get photos of everything posted today on the internet so our friends and relatives can also have a chance to contribute. Please do me a favor and send an email to your entire address book (put the addresses in the “Bcc” line so it looks like it’s only to them) and ask them to consider participating.  Have them go to and click on the “Silent Auction Items” link.

Oh and bythe way, it’s 66 degrees and clear outside. Think of us at sunset, eating delicious food around a beautiful pool, doing a really good thing. That makes me happy.

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