Paseos Divertidos – El Recodo y Picachos

Ever on the hunt for new and fun things to do, today we motored up the road to El Recodo. I am sure you have seen the sign on the way in to Villa Union. It’s the road just south of the airport intersection with the Carreterra International (15). Turn left there and keep going towards the sierra (mountains). You will first go thru the little town of “Vainillo” (where there is an RV Park). Keep going but do watch out for those topes.

A while further on you will enter another little town called “La Tuna”. There is a seafood restaurant on your right called “Mariscos La Tuna” ( It comes well recommended by our guide, Jorge Espinoza (the principal of the elementary school in Barron who was born and raised here). It is open 7 days a week from 12 on.

A little further still and after a couple more small towns, you will see the bold entranceway to “El Recodo”. Right now the street is torn up so they can bury some sort of cable, but it is a quaint, clean little town with a darling church sporting a life-sized statue outside of the King of the Big Band Sound, Luis Lizzaraga Lizzaraga. I am sure you have seen walls painted with ads for the bans “El Recodo”. They are from El Recodo and are very popular. There are many street chicken vendors (ours was delicious) and a few leather works. It is possible to buy a new pair of hurraches for $750 pesos.

Returning to the entrance highway, take the turn to the right and continue up the road towards the mountains. Today was overcast but the sierra is truly magnificent. Trees were just staring to bloom, blushing the grey slopes with yellows and pinks and reds.

A few miles further up on the right is a turnoff to “Veranos” which is home to another zip line. We drove up to it and looked but did not ride. It looks pretty cool. It’s a single cable line as opposed to the double cable system at La Noria. It is also designed and built by Costa Ricans. The adventure consists of 12 different zip lines at heights of up to 70 meters. The cost for walk-ups is $50 USD. Like I say, we didn’t ride it but will in the near future. I will leave some brochures in the lobby.

Further up the road still is a brand new dam called Picachos. You can park and walk out to overlook the reservoir basin and dam. It’s pretty darned impressive. It seems as if the locals who sold their land to the government for this project have gotten themselves a case of seller’s remorse and have been demonstrating their displeasure by marching up the carreterra cuota towards Culiacan all week. They were paid $50,000 pesos per hectare  and now claim the land was really worth $600,000.  We’ll see how that all washes out.

So if you would like to take a trip up the Rio Presidio, consider this one.  It’s really pretty.

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