Paseos Divertidos – Jungle Adventure

This trip requires a boat but if you are a birder, it’s well worth the effort.  We took our little inflatable over to Barron and drove out past “Las Trampas”, the venue where Juanito and his band sometimes play. Following the river down towards the sea, you can pick one of several launching spots. It’s pretty muddy and trashy, but once you are on the river, it’s a whole new world.  Basically we were paralleling the 13th and 14th holes of the golf course, but on the river. Once we got near the mouth, there is an arm of the estuary that is located way east of here that feeds into the Rio Presidio. You can motor up this waterway for about 5 miles looking at the birds and the mangrove swamp. We went until a concrete structure designed to capture wayward shrimp stopped us. So we turned around and landed the boat to take a look at the beach. It was pretty steep and well populated by Mexican families enjoying their environment. So we jumped back in the dingy and motored back the same way we came. It was pretty cool. I have not made a formal count, but we saw (just off-hand):  pelicans, cormorants, California Gulls, skimmers, Caspian terns, great blue herons, Louisiana herons, black crowned night herons, sulfur crowned night herons, snowy egrets, great egrets, king fishers, grooved billed anis, black hawks, turkey vultures, black vultures, white ibis, laughing gulls, caracaras, sandpipers, long-billed curlews, black necked stilts, coots and an unidentified tern or two.  It was pretty cool!

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  1. Lisa Pratt says:

    Thanks for all the great info! We are all so lucky to have you here. You and Dick are great adventurers!


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