Beware the Gas Man!

According to Manuel (who owns the RV Park close to here towards the airport), all PEMEX stations have a way to rip you off. I found this hard to believe and I would like to test the hypothesis, but according to Manuel, if you ask for “x” amount of pesos of gas or if you ask to “fill the tank”, you only get 80% of a liter for the price of a liter. When pressed, Manual asserted that there is a button the attendant pushes when you ask for “a fill” or say, “$200 pesos worth” and that button somehow delivers less gas for the money. Like I say, I find that hard to believe so I would like to ask my readers to do some scientific testing. Next time you fill up, calculate the cost in pesos per gallon based on the LED readouts on the pump. Please note weather you asked the attendant to  (1) “fill ‘er up”,  (2) asked for a specified peso amount, or (3) asked for a specified # of liters. Put your calculations into the comments below and we will compare notes at the end of the week. Also, if anyone has reason to buy gas in a small container, such as a 1 gallon gas can, fill it carefully to the measuring line and make a note. Thank you!

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