US Places Embargo on Mexican Shrimp

According to todays “El Debate”, the United States will embargo the 2010- 2011 wild shrimp harvest in Mexico because the Mexican shrimpers fail to use the turtle escape mechanisms built in to their nets. The shrimpers claim they lose too many shrimp thru the open hatch. Almost 80% of Mexico’s wild shrimp harvest is sold in the US, and the bulk of that harvest comes from the 630 active shrimp boats out of the port of Mazatlan. During the 08-09 harvest season, 7425 tons of wild shrimp were marketed. Expectations for the 2010-2011 season stand at 5570 tons. The embargo will begin on April 20. The embargo does not affect farmed shrimp sales. However, only 20% of that harvest is marketed in the US as they fail to reach size that is marketable in the US.

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