New Moon

I hope everyone got to see the new moon last night right after the sunset. The sky was still ablaze with color (in Spanish that condition is called “el celaje”) and the moon hung in the western sky like a luminaria. Gorgeous. My mother would always take off her glasses and go outside to search for the new moon as it is considered unlucky to view the new moon thru glass. It is believed by some that the glass through which you viewed the moon will break before the moon is out. Others say that you are supposed to go outside and bow three times to a new moon but my mother never did that. She would always take off her glasses even though they were made from plastic. You know what they say about old dogs…

I hope the moon is in about the same state tonight.  Tonight is the “Champagne Cruise” night, so send us good wishes for calm seas and fair winds. I wouldn’t want to spill the champagne. The tides have been really high (and low) all week but mid tide will moderate over the weekend. Next week they will become pretty flat. The weather will be the same as today thru the weekend.

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