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I’ve been playing with this new Surf’s Up website. You can load near shore wind maps and scroll thru the forecast at 4 hour intervals for a week. What is says is that it will be more windy at night than during the day. The Weather Underground forecast is for 10 – 15 mph between 2 and 5 pm. I will enjoy seeing which is more accurate.  It’s amazing what one can find to amuse oneself!

The big surf is finally here.  The forecast is exactly the same as it was for yesterday but those are beautiful surfing waves. V.F.G! To quote the website:

Surf: Head high SSW long period swell for the morning with occasional 1-3′ overhead high sets. This drops into the chest to head range for the afternoon with occasional slightly overhead high sets.
Conditions: Clean in the morning with NNE winds less than 5kt. Bumpy/semi bumpy conditions for the afternoon with the winds shifting W 5-10 kt.

The water temperature is 73 degrees F. The tide will do a similar high/low thing that it did yesterday only the high will be at 6:30 pm and the low at 11pm with a 1 foot difference. High tide will be 2.5 feet above the median tide (not so high).

I went into Mazatlan yesterday and the place is a zoo, probably as a run up to Semana Santa. I would advise everyone to get their running around done soon because it’s gonna be near impossible as the week goes on. The local newspapers are full of reports about how secure the holiday crowds will be with all the increased security they plan to add in the Golden Zone.

I went to the SC Meeting last night. Next time I won’t be late and will get a more comfortable chair. It was cool being able to go upstairs over the bar at the clubhouse. I always wondered what was up there. The walls are bright pink with dark rose curtains. There’s a big central conference table and a projection screen. I bet the view of the sunset is spectacular!

I found out about another web log by somebody named Rob yesterday. I have no idea who this guy is but he is the one who wrote that article about the cell phone registry. I put his web blog address up on the links section to the right. I’ll have to check it out more thoroughly but I bet he has a lot of good stuff there.


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  1. Ken Cosgrove says:

    Keep watching that forecast because a week from tomorrow will be 2010 Sand Census Day on our beach. The sand must counted every ten years because of constitutional fiat.

    Sand Census chairman Ron Vagle has put out the call for volunteers to conduct the count of sand particles on the beach in front of 16A. Shovels, buckets and tweezers will be provided for the volunteers. Teams will be chosen to sample various sectors of the beach(sector=1 square meter by .5 meter deep). Only 20 sectors will be counted for interpolation into a final count. So everybody join in a week from this thursday in a day of fun on the beach(bring you sunscreen).


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