Surf’s Down

I love this new website:
“Surf: Chest to shoulder high SSW ground swell.
Conditions: Clean in the morning with NNE winds less than 5kt. Semi choppy conditions for the afternoon with the winds shifting W 5-10 kt.”
The water temperature is 74 degrees F. The moon is dark all week and the tides will enter a four day phase of high highs and very low lows, with the lowest occurring on Saturday @ 1pm. Both low tides each day will be extremely low so you might want to go sand dollar hunting. Have you ever noticed that all the sand dollars you find always have at least one small hole in the top? That is where some predator has drilled thru and eaten the poor thing from the inside out. Enough of that. The winds will be jumping up in the afternoons all weekend with the seas becoming choppy. Mornings, the seas should be “clean to semi-glassy”. Sound like a surfer, don’t I?

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