Earth Hour is Underway

The lights have already gone out in Melbourne, Australia. They’re doing it again… trying to draw attention to the fact of climate change, global warming, whatever you want to call it. As I listen to the high tide surf pounding outside my window (it’s 3.83 feet above sea level right now. My patio is 8 feet above sea level) I can’t help but be concerned about what is happening in our world.  Granted, the El Niño condition has pushed a lot of ocean water our way so the tides are actually higher. But regardless of the underlying cause and effect of climate change, the reality remains, we need to be concerned. That’s what Earth Hour is. All across the globe today, the lights on major landmarks will go out between 8:30 and 9:30 local time. One billion people in 121 countries will turn off all unnecessary lights creating a rolling blackout. There is a very good film that can be seen a using the following link It’s a film about Our Home, our earth. It’s worth watching for the cinematography alone. No matter what causes the change  in the ice caps, the glaciers, the hurricanes, the floods, the droughts; be it man-made or just a natural perturbation; our efforts to conserve energy and clean up our air is a win/win situation. What’s the down side if we’re wrong?

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2 Responses to Earth Hour is Underway

  1. Sandy Vernon says:

    Thank you for your wisdom and insite on these mattersl! Our little piece of heaven on the Pacific could have a different look to it in the years to come.
    I wish something could be done with the power plant in Maz, but we could all do our part byconserving electricity in our units when ever possible.
    Lagunita is wonderful. I appreciate your efforts to keep us informed.


    • La_Lagunita says:

      Actually, there is something being done with the power plant. The contract was signed last August to install scrubbers on all three stacks and the work should be complete by the end of next year. Good news, huh?


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