Tides Moderate

The extreme tides that we have experienced will be moderating by the end of the week. Both last night and tonight exhibit tides more than a foot below sea level but we won’t be able to go sand dollar searching unless you like walking the beach at 2:30 to 3am. Could be fun with the full moon and all, but I wouldn’t recommend it. They say it will be cloudy on Friday but on the whole, the week looks pretty good with sunny skies and calm to moderate winds.

I hope everyone has had a chance to watch that film, “Home”. I didn’t realize it was 1.5 hours long, but I was fascinated by it. It will be, I think, a premier teaching tool in the schools. I am a biologist and have never seen things the basics of life so succinctly explained and illustrated. Basically what they are saying is that when Earth began, the atmosphere was poisoned with carbon gasses. The advent of life in various forms began the slow process of putting that carbon to good use as body parts, parts that, when the organism died, sequestered the carbon deep within the earth. That’s what coal is. That’s what oil is; the dead bodies of organisms that lived when the world began and died, taking the poisonous carbon with them. Now as we release that carbon back into the atmosphere, we are essentially returning to the beginning of time; a time when humans could not possibly survive. There have been 5 great extinctions since time began. The possibility of another is not that outlandish. The link to “Home” is on the sidebar.

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