April SC Meeting

Dear 16A sub regime Home Owners,The Surveillance Committee of the 16A sub regime is holding its next meeting on Tuesday April 6th, 2010  at 2:00PM at the conference room of the EDM Club House.

Agenda of the meeting is available at the HOA office of the lobby.Please find attached the agenda of the meeting!

Open Surveillance Committee Meeting, EDM Club House, conference room, 2:00PM April 6th, 2010




1. Report on IETU tax by Sergio Perez-accountancy  

2. Discussion on EDM water quality for potable water- Eduardo Quintero/OAIP  

3. Discuss our experience with Concord – Edit  

4. Update on receivables as of April 5, 2010-including special delinquency reports from the system of Concord, number of home owners whom haven’t responded yet to Concord mailing, nor made arrangements to pay  

5. Discuss access denial letter to send to owners  

6. Discuss access denial letter to send to EDM-Property Services and to IMS  

7. Update on requested legal opinion-by Jim Baillon  

8. Discuss changing the HOA meeting date to January  

9. Auditing 2007/2008/2009, any to be requested for 2010  

10.Explain the upcoming budget preparation process – Cliff Ulman  

11.Explain the selection process for HOA annual meeting agenda items – Cliff Ulman  

12.Parking garage/space billing notice to home owners  

13.Any relevant updates of respective areas:  

-Edit Tatár- summer maintenance schedule


– Jim Baillon- Cooling Towers  

– Ken Cosgrove-Maintenance  

– Cliff duFresne- Landscaping  

14. Decide on insurance coverage and renewal date  

15.Discuss steps to prevent flooding inside condos  

16.Discuss allowing owners to upgrade their patio doors and windows  

17.Discuss converting to 25 watt incandescent bulbs in exposed fixtures  

18.Table any ideas to reduce costs  

19.Table any ideas for improvements  

Thank you for your attention!  

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