Security Alert

In the last several months there have been several break ins on the property which have caused us great concern. the incidents include break-ins to Estrella del Mar offices as well as an assault on the individual driving the beverage cart. EDM remains diligent in our concern for the welfare and security of our owners, guests and employees.

Because circumstances have changed, it is important we adjust the way in which we provide security. There are three primary areas which require our attention:

1. Security Procedures and Policies – procedures and policies have been changed to increase visibility. We are changing our routine to increase the frequency with which we visit all areas. Current policies and procedures are being reviewed to be certain all areas of the resort will be monitored and secured by our staff. If necessary, additional personnel will be added to our current staff.

2. Alarming of all Company Installations – State of the Art alarm, systems have been installed in the administrative offices, club house and market.

3. Appropriate Lighting of the Property – New lighting has been placed and will be reviewed to determine if additional lighting will be needed,

We further wish to provide a few suggestions while on the property:

1. Do not leave money, purses, wallets and/or jewelry in plain sight.

2. Lock your door if you are leaving home.

3. If walking at night take a flashlight.

4. Let someone know if you are going for an ocean swim. better yet, use the buddy system.

5. Please drive slowly and pay attention while driving within our walls.

For an emergency or to report anything you may see that is unusual:

Daytime:  915-8310  Nights : 121.3334 (from a cell phone dial 669.121.3334)

We recommend that we ALL use the same common sense that we would anywhere.

Jaime Castro

General Manager

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