A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to the Fo.. Stone Island

I’ve seen a lot of strange things on the beach during Semana Santa but this has got to take the cake. I drove down to Stone Island yesterday and about halfway there, this patrol boat was hard aground. Apparently, there is a lone pinnacle rock near the shoreline and this boat struck it about 1 pm yesterday afternoon. The captain beached the boat to prevent it from sinking and when we passed it the first time, they were anchored to a tractor onshore and were pumping the bilge. When we came back and hour or so later, an identical patrol boat was dangerously close to shore trying to float a line to the grounded boat.  With the help of a couple of Navy swimmers, a line was secured and we watched as the one boat tried to pull the other off.  Well, the line was not stout enough and it snapped. So we went back to Stone Island and watched the throngs of people enjoying their beach (which was a trip in itself). When we came home, the boat was harder aground, waiting presumably for a cable and the 10 pm high tide. I’ll be interested to know it is still there.

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  1. Kris says:

    Update! This morning the boat was still hard aground and was being guarded by marines armed with submachine guns.


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