The Stars Align

This year, Spring celebrations around the world coincide. Not only is the Western Christian celebration of Easter today, April 4, but the Eastern Greek Orthodox as well as the Coptics will celebrate their Easter today. This might be a problem in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem where all three religions will hold separate services. Jerusalem will be a busy place because the Jewish Passover, which began March 29th will culminate tomorrow, April 5th. Today we will see only two tides;  a low tide at 7 am and a high at 11:30 pm. At last report, the Mexican Navy boat was still hard aground. This week will be mostly sunny with highs near 85 or 86 degrees F. The water temperature has climbed to 77 degrees F. The waist to chest high surf will decrease during the day and will be very low tonight and tomorrow morning. Winds will be light today, 5 – 10 knots. I hope everyone turned their clocks forward.

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