Easter Blues

It was a beautiful day yesterday for Easter. That trend should continue all week and remain mostly sunny with highs around 86. We will have only two tides again today so look for the tide to be coming in all day. I heard some exciting suggestions on how we can make this forum more useful yesterday so stay tuned! We may have golf tips, recipes and my suggestion of a shopping channel. No I’m kidding. But our new restaurant manager Roberto Islas is willing to bring in fresh fruits and vegetables by order once a week and put them at the General Store on site.  All we need to do is coordinate the day and somehow place our orders. Let me know if you are interested and if you are and know of a neighbor who also might me, but who is not connected here, let me know that too. I heard that the mountains of northern Colo and southern Wyo will get 20 inches of snow today.  I think I’ll go south!

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7 Responses to Easter Blues

  1. Bob&Julie Wallace says:

    What a nice article about Edit….We are indeed fortunate to have her as part of the EDM family


  2. kathy coonce says:

    good idea re: the store. Hi Lisa if you are reading this


  3. Lisa Pratt says:

    It has been snowing here in the mountains off and on throughout the weekend. The skiers are very happy except for the wind. Hope all is well with everyone at Estrella. l’m still adjusting to the cold and the altitude.


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