Flood Prevention Guidelines

Over the years some of us have experienced floods in our condos due to burst or broken water pipes. Sometimes these floods originated in our condo and sometimes from a neighbor’s condo. Your Surveillance Committee has compiled a list of suggestions to help prevent these floods and to minimize the damage.

First, you need to get insurance. Our HOA insurance policy does cover water damage to your condo or damage you cause to a neighbor’s condo due to burst or broken water pipes. However, there are deductibles and the coverage is limited to the value of the fixtures that were initially installed by the developer. Consequently, you should purchase additional insurance to cover any upgrades that you or your neighbor may have installed, and for personal effects.

• Check your interior water shut-off valves and supply lines
• Upgrade your washing machine hoses to braided lines
• Check your main water line shut-off valve outside – some do not work
• Turn your main water valve off when you are not in residence
• Leave your floor drains open in the bathrooms and laundry room when you leave
• Turn the main water valve on slowly when you return with at least one faucet open
• Leave a key with Kiki – in an emergency EDM may use any means to enter your condo
• If you have a flood, the first thing you need to do is to turn off the source of the water. Then you need to elevate your furniture. We will store a box of blocks behind the desk in the Lobby that you may use to get the legs of your furniture out of the water.
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