Love is in the Air

Playing golf at 7am is an experience; a pleasent one if you can roll out of the sack that early. The birds are really active and it became apparent that the courting season is well underway. The big black boat-tailed grackles are strutting about, posing with their beaks pointed skyward, trying to be King of the Mountain. The colorful Brewer’s Orioles are madly chasing the females trying to corner them and impress them with their tail-up,head-down posture. Even the little English sparrows are dashing about, carrying bits of fluff in their beaks. You know, it wasn’t until the reign of King Louis XVII that the males of our species weren’t the ones dressing themselves colorfully and making a show of the courtship process. Those were the good old days. Oh and by the way, the tides will be really high tonight at 10 pm and really low at 5 am.

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