Earth Week

Anyone here remember 1970? I bet so, we were probably in college or recently graduated. I think it’s safe to say that not all of us were actively demonstrating against the War in Vietnam. But in the Spring of 1970, in Philadelphia, there was a sea change. Rachael Larson’s “Silent Spring” was an eye opener of a best seller. There were rivers catching on fire.  Remember Love Canal? The venerable Senator from Wisconsin, Gaylord Nelson teamed up with Pete McCloskey and co-chaired a new movement. They called it Earth Day but since 24 hours is not enough time to teach all that is necessary to teach, it has evolved into Earth Week. But in 1970, Paul Ehrlich (The Population Bomb) and Walter Cronkite (Earth Day: A Question of Survival) dominated the bookstores and airwaves. We as a nation made great strides in cleaning up our environment. Now we as humans need to clean up our world. The western industrialized countries made every mistake in the book on their voyage to success. It is really no surprise that developing countries nowadays want to reserve their right to rape the earth as we did so they can achieve similar success. Somehow, we have to not let that happen. Bolivia, of all places, is emerging as a leader in continuing climate change conferences. Their glaciers have melted. The altiplano is bone dry instead of just dry. Evo Morales’s constituency is the agrarian poor, he HAS to do something and he is. What are we doing? I beg you to watch “Our Home”, the hour and a half video presentation. The link is on the sidebar.

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