There is an interesting website out there dedicated to information about Mazatlan. I just found out about it but I’m sure it’s well established. I will put a link to it on the sidebar and I will be checking to see if there is anyone else driving up to the states next week. (It’s still snowing at my house). I went to and made it to the Yahoo Groups website. Then you have to sign up and do a few other things, but it doesn’t seem to be hard. Our weather will be much the same all week; partly cloudy with highs in the low 80s and lows in the mid 60s. The tides are unremarkable although I did see a few jellyfish the other day. Our Brazilian guide indicated you could use the inside of a papaya peel to sooth jellyfish stings. Papaya contains papain, which is what meat tenderizer is made of.  Interesting, huh?

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