It’s time. It’s time for the butterflies to hatch, fly, mate and die. It’s time for the birds to display, mate and nest. The little frogs in the drain at the clubhouse are urgent with their mating calls. It’s almost time to go back; to leave “the bubble”. So much is going on right now in Mazatlan. A local union president is calling the US State Department warning “an act of terrorism”, emphatically stating that it is not warranted. The hotels, some only 40% occupied, are starting to shut down. The pulmonias can’t afford to buy gas. The fishermen can’t seem to get it together and are all blaming each other for the collapsing fishery. But when I see all those butterflies out on 12, 13 and 14, I forget almost everything.These butterflies are so calming to watch. These are the pallid white-tailed butterfly (Hesperocharis costaricensis). Also known as the Costa Rican White, these guys range throughout Central America, but during a cursory internet search, I could find little about them save multiple photographs.  Had I been researching a particular bird, I could now tell you the breeding behavior, the life history, but I guess lepidopterists are content to stop after a pretty photo.  Oh well, I too can be content to just watch them.

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