What’s New in Mazatlan?

I was able to put off going into MZT for over a week after our arrival on Jan 2. I always dread the drive in and was not happy about it. But we had to, sooner or later. The first thing I noted was a dramatic decrease in air quality. All week, we had seen a bluish/black haze hanging several miles out to sea, but this was in addition to greyish/black clouds all over town. I was dismayed. The good news is that I think I know why. As I have reported earlier, CFE is installing scrubbers on its stacks this year. On the way home from MZT, I saw the new stacks.  There are three of them; a red and white candy striped one and two cement colored, smaller stacks off to the seaward side. I am assuming that these are the new scrubber equipped stacks AND there are large cranes positioned nearby as if they are readying them for placement!  This is really good news for me as I am very sensitive to air quality. As far as the black haze goes, I am keeping my fingers crossed that this is a short term problem. Stack scrubbers remove particulates mostly but there is a minimum standard for the fuel used. I am betting that CFE is draining the last of the dregs of fuel oil out of those large storage containers and burning it before they install their brand new scrubbers so they don’t gum them up in the first months of operation. So, the future looks brighter and our air should be cleaner real soon!! Even I am not holding my breath however!

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  1. La_Lagunita says:

    Our friendly, neighborhood biologist, Bob Sanz, contacted me with an update regarding the CFE power plant in Mazatlan. He keeps in contact with the group that has been engaged to install the “scrubbers”, and their latest response follows:

    “Alstom’s supply for this project are for three ESPs (Electrostatic Precipitators) which are for the purpose of air pollution control. The civil works, ESP installation, and stack are at various stages of completion for each of the three units. The commencement of commissioning has been delayed from the end of this year to begin in the second quarter of next year.”

    This correspondence occurred in December, 2010 so Bob thinks April, 2011 is the target date. Thanks, Bob, for keeping us informed.


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