Beautiful Day

It’s a beautiful morning here.  No fog. A bit warmer. Perhaps we are in a warmer cycle. Yoga will continue at 9 am today, Monday, as well as Wednesdays and Fridays. Ladies day golf is Tuesday and Thursday at times that vary from 8 to 8:50. It’s important to get out before 9 on Thursdays because it’s a discount day for MZT residents and a lot of folks have been taking advantage of the reduced price. Monday evenings is the Get-Together at the Palapa. Bring an appetizer and a drink and visit.  All are welcome.  Gosh it’s so busy I hardly have time for anything!! Spanish Class was not well attended with the current plan. One problem is that the time conflicted with the regatta on Lake Butler on Thusdays. If anyone has a continuing interest in Spanish Class, please let me know. I am willing to commit time, but it would be nice if more than one person showed up. I heard today that learning a second language, even at advanced ages, can help deter the onset of Alzheimer’s.  No kidding!! Habla espanol?

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