Golf Course Prepares for Canadian Open

Wow, what a winter we’ve had!  I’m sure all of you are as glad as I am we haven’t been up North all winter where it has been really tough but come on, this is Mazatlan Mexico and we don’t have heat in our homes and it is supposed to be warm!  Afterall, that’s why we live here.

As most of you know the unusually cold weather has been very hard on the plants around the resort as well as the grass on the golf course.  There was about a 3 week period when the grass actually started to go dormant due to the cold and quit growing.  This, combined with an increase of golf traffic has been very hard on the golf course.

Now that the grass is starting to grow again we are asking your help in getting the course in better condition.  We are seeing a lot of wear around the tees and greens.  If we all could keep all 4 wheels on the cart paths the grass in these areas would improve dramatically in a short time.  Also, filling divots (yours and others) with sand will enable to grass to grow into the divot more quickly than leaving a hole there.  Please don’t replace the grass into the divot, it won’t grow.  And, there are those pesky ball marks on the greens that always seem to need our attention.

A small effort on our part will make a huge difference in the playability of our beautiful course for everyone to enjoy, and also help with the presentation when the Canadian Tour holds the Mexican PGA Championship here May 9-15.

Thank you for your help!  May you have lots of 1 putts in your future rounds!

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