Saturday Night Live

This Saturday’s full moon will not cause a super high tide here in Mazatlan… indeed a higher tide will occur Wednesday night. But the weather is moderating and the winds that tend to kick up during the afternoons die down in the evenings. I have an idea (actually, I stole it from Rebecca). The moon will be so bright on Saturday it, it might be possible to play golf (especially with a bright yellow ball) without the aid of sunlight or glow-in-the-dark equipment. If we put a fake candle in the hole, I bet we could putt pretty well (assuming it isn’t too late in the evening). If anyone would like to join me on the 5th Tee box just after dark, we’ll give it a try. Bring three clubs (and three clubs only) and a bright colored ball or two.

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  1. dale and marilyn jarvis says:

    thanks for good info


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