Jardin de Ninos Desfile a Great Success

A group of Estrella del Mar residents carpooled over to Barron yesterday to watch a parade put on by the kindergarten class. Our expectations were pretty low, I must admit. What we were greeted with was beyond cute! The entire town had turned out for a raucous, rolling, rooty-toot-tooing celebration of life renewed. What transpired can only be appreciated in pictures so I have provided same. Some stills are attached just to give you a feeling, but the whole kit-and-cabootle can be seen at the following:

The Video (on Mimeo)  http://vimeo.com/21223015

The Slideshow (on Shutterfly)  http://jardindeninos.shutterfly.com (this one is still uploading, so give it an hour or so before you try the link).

The best part of the program for me was the dedication and grand opening of the new classroom. The little kids had all been crammed in the principal’s office since last August. Being the mover-and-shaker that she is, the new principal (I must write down her name!!) gathered around her a group of very solid citizen-mother-activists and called them her “mesa de directoras” Board of Directors. They did, almost singlehandedly, conceive, plan, design, and fund the new classroom. They provided much of the labor, they held fundraisers, they got bids, chose contractors and supervised those contractors and when they needed the final amount of funds to buy the big ticket items like windows and doors, they came to Friends of Barron asking for a 50/50 matching funds.  We were very happy to comply. The project was completed on-time and within-budget. The parade even started on time.

Things are changing over in Barron.

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