Spring Springs

Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere has arrived!  Equini (sp??) are well-known as days of equal light and dark but the Spring Equinox is also the first day of a new astrological year. So Happy New Year! (again). Today is the day to start anew and get creative.

Moonlight golf didn’t go so well last night.  Even though our shots were in the fairway, we still could not find them. Flourescent spray paint would have helped.  The sprinklers were also problematic; besides creating a wetting problem, the noise muffled the sound of the ball hitting the turf.  The candle in the hole worked like a charm however. Were I to do it again, I would wait until the moon is well up, perhaps 10 or 11 pm. The watering should be done by then also. Maybe not…. I know, bring your umbrella!!

The high tides of last night will be equally produced for the next few days as will the low tides. This pattern will continue thru the 22nd. So if you are driving the beach, beware that the high tide will be compounded by high surf on Tues and Wed. There was a typo in a recent post. The word “tide” should have been the word “surf”.  Senior moment…

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1 Response to Spring Springs

  1. La_Lagunita says:

    David Pratt sent me a website where you can buy LED impact activated glow-in-the-dark golf balls. They are about $5 each, but they give ya 8 – 10 minutes to find them before they turn themselves off.


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