Beware the Smelly Surf

The Mazatlan newspaper has finally reported on the “brown tide” that has been plaguing our beaches this week. It is apparently a product of sewage dumped untreated into the bay as the Mazatlan water treatment plant undergoes expansion. The contamimated water has been killing fish and other sealife up and down the beaches and can cause “cutaneous irritation” in people. I hate to think of what might happen should a swimmer ingest some. They hope to get the problem resolved before Semana Santa. In the meanwhile, avoid the brownish, foamy water.

On another note, the second of the new power plant smoke stacks is nearing completion. It is now painted a bright red and white just like the first one. I am hoping that the as soon as the third stack is finished, they will begin to use those huge cranes to lift them into place and we will once again be able to see the mountains.

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