They All Sail Away Eventually

For those of you who knew my Mother, Yvonne, a very special soul who loved Estrella dearly, you need to know that she has left us behind. She passed away very quietly last week, just before the Royal Wedding that she anticipated so sweetly. The next day, the photo book I had made of her visit with us, just two short weeks ago, arrived. Her face was so delighted to be sitting by our pool, warming by our bonfire, enjoying our shrimp at Lety’s and Mariscos ISSA. Too short… too short.

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3 Responses to They All Sail Away Eventually

  1. David & Lisa Pratt says:

    We feel so lucky to have been able to enjoy your Mother’s company during her last visit in Estrella. I shared her “Bride in the box” story with my Mother. She was one very special woman. Our deepest condolences to you and your family.
    David & Lisa Pratt


  2. Sandy Vernon says:

    Dear Chris,
    We are sorry to hear of your mom’s passing. Loosing a mother is a difficult life experience. How fortunate that you were able to enjoy your time with her there in Mexico. Our thoughts and blessings are with you.
    Sandy and Michael


  3. S Baillon says:

    Kris, We were so sad to hear the news of your mothers passing. How wonderful that she was able to spend time
    with you at Estrella this year. You will have so many memories of a life well lived. Our deepest condolences to you and your family.
    Jim and Susan Baillon


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