Group Releases 478,000 Turtles

The Noroeste newspaper recently published an article concerning the “Grupo Tortuguero de Sinaloa”. There was a meeting and a workshop down at the Mazatlan Aquarium. Estrella’s own Erendira González Diego ( head of the Star of the Sea turtle camp), as well as Cecilia Garcia Chavela and Hugo Sarmiento (representatives of the National Commission of Natural Protected Areas) attended. Also attending was Ingmar Sosa, a member of the camp Playa Ceuta and representatives of the other nesting camps. The Grupo Tortuguero announced that during the 2010 season,  four hundred seventy-eight thousand sea turtles were released off the coast of Sinaloa state. The results reflected data from seven different  nesting areas, Ceuta, Celestino Gasca, El Verde Camacho, Acuario Mazatlan, Estrella del Mar, El Caimanero and  Cacaxtla. Problems that affect turtle populations were discussed and have been identified with the leading causes of mortality and morbidity being poaching, bycatch (accidently getting caught in a net without a turtle release mechanism), resort development (grooming the beaches), unregulated pollution, and entry of motor vehicles in nesting areas. Riding horses in the nesting areas are also a leading cause of nest destruction as is disturbance by predators such as dogs, cats and coatamundis. Poaching was the leading cause of mortality but the members of the Grupo Tortuguero specifically called for more regulation of motor vehicle access to the beach area. In this regard, Ángel García Contreras, director of Ecology, has undertaken to review the situation in coordination with public safety. Additional participants included Raquel Briseño, researcher at the Institute of Limnology, UNAM; Alan Savala, representative of IDRC Guasave, Hector Contreras, turtle camp of El Rosario, Angeles Cruz and Jose Barron Mazatlan Aquarium. Other authorities attending were Alejandro Camacho Mendoza, Profepa State Delegate; Alejandro Lechuga, coordinator of the southern Profepa and Angel Garcia Contreras, director of Ecology.

Representatives of the turtle camp figures presented their work.
Nests found: 7, 188
Incubated eggs: 673, 364

Turtles released: 478, 980
Poached nests: 372
Adult turtles killed: 17 

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