From Heather

Hi, just got home, have been at the hospitals and doing what we can to support the EDM Families,  The spirit of family was so in evidence tonight, there must have been fifty employees standing vigil, at SS Hospital  and more at the other two hospitals.
There were 27 on the bus, they were all taken to 3 hospitals,  we lost Manual (Phase 3 maintenance & pool) we believe he was killed on impact,  Daniel (bus driver) is in an induced coma because of head injury & is in SSH, David (shuttle driver) is in surgery,(we saw him) was a mess,  but coherent and is going to be okay.  Jose Luis (grounds) is in surgery, had head injury (we saw him too) it is critical, but he was answering questions being asked by the neurosurgeon, this was encouraging (they are both at Clinica del Mar).  There are  probably still about a dozen in the hospital all with injuries but not serious. Some will go home tonight.  Everyone was banged up to some degree.  It is amazing that we didn’t lose so many more, the bus was a mess, the left side pushed into almost the right side seats.  T Boned by a semi hauling tons of heavy metal parts, the bus ended up about 50 ft from the intersection in the ditch on wrong side of the highway, the fact that nobody coming from V Union hit them again is a miracle!  We’ll let you know when and where the funeral will be for Manuel, and what else we can all do for support in our community.
Right now we are just asking our guys (family) here at EDM to Stay Steady & Stay Strong..Prayers Please

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  1. Mark and Ginny Lee says:

    Our hearts go out to each of you as you recover from your injuries and loss. Time and distance may separate us from the friends we’ve made at EDM, but we are with you in spirit. Our prayers are with you.

    Mark, Ginny and Cody Lee
    Phase II – #2104


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