Turtle Nest Movie

Yesterday afternoon, a young Ridley’s Oliveback turtle female came ashore right in front of La Lagunita, made her nest and laid her eggs. The phenomena drew quite the crowd as this single individual performed her ancient ritual. It was quite impressive. The EDM turtle program has made a lot of progress. One can only hope that this individual is a result of EDMs efforts 8 – 10 years ago and that she portends more to come in the future. I am sure that Erendira will well care for her eggs and perhaps we can all be there when they are released next year. What a Solstice Gift! By the way, you can read more about EDMs turtle project on their website. The link is listed on the blogroll, right hand column and down some. The video that I made will also be listed there. But for now, just click on this link to see this wonderful, ancient dance.


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