Audubon Project

In October, Kim Anders sent out a request for EDM owners to participate in a project that will allow EDM to become a certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary as established by Audubon International.  In order to begin the process Kim completed a Site Assessment and Environmental Plan this summer.   This was approved in August and now Kim is proceeding with the five remaining requirements to achieve full certification. Attached is the Certification Mexico_Estrella_del_Mar_SAEP_Report that was sent to Kim by Audubon.

In a nutshell, the remaining areas are 1) Wildlife and Habitat Management, 2) Chemical Use Reduction and Safety, 3) Water Conservation, 4) Water Quality Management, and 5) Outreach and Education.

If you have experience in any of these areas Kim would love to have your input.  We can use help identifying areas we can return to a more natural environment, development of wildlife habitats, constructing birdhouses, compiling wildlife inventories, etc., etc.

Please consider getting involved in this wonderful project.  You will benefit from the experience and your EDM community will be a “greener” place to live.

For more information or to get involved you can reach Kim at the Golf Shop (982.3300 ext 3002) or by email at

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