1st Annual Holiday Light Throwdown!

Las Lagunitas is proud to announce the first annual Holiday Light Throw Down. The contest is open to all EDM residents. Winners will be announced on Christmas Eve. 

  • Entry Fee is $100 pesos* – Winner takes 50% of the pool, 2nd place 30% and 3rd place 20%. Honorable Mentions will get a certificate of participation. See below for “amateur” rules.
  • Winners will be determined by a juried panel of three judges. So far, we have two judges, Claire Silk & Lisa Pratt (although she is as yet unaware of the fact). Anyone else who is willing to judge, please contact krisvadale@aol.com ASAP.
  • Judging will be based on a numeric scorecard. Each entry will be scored secretly on each of five different categories.  Total points will determine the winners.
  • Categories are:
    1. Suitability – Does the presentation reflect the “true meaning” of the Holidays?
    2. Originality  & Creativity – Presentations must be unique and creative.
    3. Sensitivity – Does the presentation offend the neighbors? Will it keep them awake?
    4. Environmental Friendliness – Is the presentation “green”? …meaning, is the carbon footprint of the presentation worth it?
    5. Overall Aesthetics – Is the presentation pleasing to the eye and inviting? Would YOU like to spend your holiday sitting amongst or walking through the decorations?
  • Judging will take place on the evening of December 23rd at 7 pm. A Peanut Gallery is encouraged. Competitive presentations are allowed to offer culinary “incentives” to the judges and the gallery. Results will be kept secret until the following afternoon.

Let the Games Begin!!  To enter, bring $100 pesos* to condo 105, or call 178-0105 or email krisvadale@aol.com to secure your spot. If you would like to participate at the “amateur” level (i.e. “for free”), we will waive the entry fee and you can participate only in the moveable party part. You will not, of course receive anything but an Honorable mention.

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