Throwdown Results!

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It was a beautiful evening!  The dogged wind moderated and we had an enthusiastic crowd, or maybe group, of carolers. Our first stop was at condo 117 where the Lyster home was admirably decorated with hundreds of (incandescent) lights. Baby Jesus slept away in his manger through the whole thing. Incredibly, Dale arranged for Santa to make an early appearance!  Those Canadians have more pull than normal folks, I guess. Santa entertained us and the Lysters served cookies and beer. Judges received extra chocolates.

Then it was on to one of the newest owners in La Lagunita, the extended Cosgrove Family, was treated to possibly the best chorus of Christmas carols of the evening. They seemed to be very appreciative as we admired their lights and their beautiful indoor Christmas Tree. After this, the chorus moved on to the McGuire residence where the Norfolk pine on the patio has been glowing gently all season with state-of-the-art LED lights.  The tree was flanked by a stork, also decked with LED lights, a Santa hat and a saddle made of shining balls. Refreshments consisted of brownies, champagne and cranberry-grapefruit punch. The judges got chocolate and an extra Santa hat.

The next stop was somewhat subdued as the “crud” that has been going around got there first. We sang a single song and admired the variety of lighting on the trees surrounding the Anders home. Lacking Rudolf, we used some flashlights to guide the way down the fairway to the McCormick home. The backside lighting display was wonderful!! All the balustrades and trees were brightly lit with incandescents in coordinated colors. There were no refreshments or bribes, however, a fact that reflected poorly in the scoring. I don’t think they got the memo.

Our “finale” was at the home of Debbie & Jack. Not only were we invited in for a tour of their magnificent home, we were offered hot chocolate and cookies of several descriptions. Gille turns out to be an excellent pianist and he serenaded us with show tunes as well as Christmas carols.

Now, for what everyone has been waiting for…. drum roll please.

Placing 5th – With a score of 54 out of 150 possible points.  Tom & Sally. (Bribes… you gotta do bribes!)

Placing 4th – With a score of 57.  Heather & Kim.( Hope Kim is feeling better)

Placing 3rd – With a score of 75. Dale & Lynda. (the incandescents did you in)

Placing 2nd – With a score of 76. Kris & Dick (the Santa hat & the LEDs did the trick!)

Far and away placing 1st!! – Deb & Jack with 79 out of 150!

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3 Responses to Throwdown Results!

  1. Claire Silk says:

    As one of the judges, I must say it was a difficult task to decide which display was truly the creme de la creme. However, I had so much fun and enjoyed all the wonderful bribes that I am putting my name in the Santa Hat for judging next year! I think this throw down was the start of a wonderful tradition here at EDM. Next year will be bigger, better, and I look forward to some great bribes. Thanks to all the contestants…you all did a great job. Also a special shout out to Gilles and Susan for his beautiful piano playing and Susan’s beautiful voice! Deb and Jack you make me proud to be a Coloradan! Prospero ano nuevo. Claire


  2. Heather Anders says:

    Congratulations to all who participated in the Throwdown, the carolers were wonderful and their Christmas Spirit contagious! Thank you!!
    Yes Boxing day is observed in the Anders home on the the Canadian side!


  3. Bob Sanz says:

    Wonderful! Great to see the photos!


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