Christmas Thoughts from Jean Murr

Well, we made it through Christmas.  How about you?  Was it the “best ever” as my son-in-law says?  Did you eat till you had to go stretchy pants comfy?  Knock back a couple of drinks to keep you from thinking of the cost of this little production?  Did you strap the camera around your neck so you wouldn’t miss the cherished candid shots that littered the room like the piles of wrinkled up wrapping paper?  Are you a collector?  You know, one of those who can’t quite throw away the “already used” wrapping and bags and bows?  But please tell me you’re not one of the grabbers.  Grabbers are Christmas marshals, that I believe are planted in homes for tidyness control.  They grab the wrapping paper before it even hits the ground, and shove it into garbage bags or a box, and if time allows, they will work with the “collectors” to sift through and save the “good stuff” from the trash bound waste.  And let’s not forget my favorite, the “bohemian”, they are the let it fall where it may type.  These folks, let embellishments and wrappings mix with gifts until the area around the tree looks lofty and bigger than life itself.  The “bohemian” exalts in the amount of mismanaged clutter they can achieve in the Christmas present opening area.  Be careful walking, this is a cat favorite,  and always check your big boxes for children before discarding them, greatest play area ever!  How’s the house appearance overall?  Still festive looking or are you tired of red and green?  or the newest holiday color, purple?  Be honest have you thought about tearing it all down and boxing it up and being done, or have you actually done it????!!!!.  So is Christmas OVER at your house?  Are the boxes of reminiscent ornaments packed up and back in storage and is the tree folded up and squished into it’s box until next year?  And for some is there a Charlie Brown skeleton of a tree resting in a snow bank in the front yard where the trash truck stops?  Are there even real trees sold here in the states anymore, or did I miss that being that I didn’t get out during the big holiday push of December?  Did you know that real trees are sold in Mexico and I know a few homes in Mazatlan, that have them adorned and on display and aren’t worried by the needle fall?  I will probably leave my little tree up through New Years at the least, for the extra lighting and gaiety it adds to the room and our lives.  Also, it was quite a challenge for me to get it set up and bedazzled in the first place, and I can’t wrap my head around the tearing down process right now.  It seems this year I collected ham bones.  Don’t you love to fix a ham and have those wonderful piggy leftovers.  I happen to love anything from pig.  I also love that I then have great soup options.  This year I was gifted with a few other “left over” ham bones and it will be the “Soup Kitchen” this weekend at my house. The navy bean soup of old, fabulously colorful pea soup and South West Black Bean are my three bubbling bountiful favorites that will be steaming on the stove top.  Next year call first before donating a ham bone, please!!!!!!!!!!!!!  This year Jerry was working what felt like all the time.  He worked Christmas Day but was off Christmas Eve. So he did the drive to Colorado Springs to visit his family, while my daughter Jill and her husband, brought their two little Christmas angels over for a morning of presents and playing and movies and of course, the ham dinner.  There were smiles and tears and arms full of wiggly loving grandchildren to relish.  I drank in as much as I could til about mid afternoon when I hit the wall, as I say.   I think I turned my glazed over eyes to Jill and she new the party was over.  I sadly let them leave knowing it would be another long period of time before I would be able to cuddle and connect with them in this fashion.  Because… I have ONE more session of chemo left !!!  So that’s one more period of quarantine, and one more term of fatigue, and one more battle with pain in my ass, and confusion in my mind, and nausea screaming through out my body.  I have to say, I won’t miss the bloody noses, or achy feet and legs, or sinus problems, or chest pains, or irritating fingernails and toenails.  These are just some of the small side effects that I will be able to say goodbye to.  I can cleanse my body of poisons again after this next and last treatment.  I may have to make the garden bigger again this year!!  In a couple of years Jerry there will be no grass to mow at all.  I will work to treat myself with healthy natural foods and  continue to care for myself and respect the days, and months and years that I have to live a blessed life with all of you.  So, this New Year’s when you make that toast, throw our names in the mix and know I appreciate you and love the support and friendships you’ve given me.

Here is to Happy New Years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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