Turtle Update

I spoke with Erendira last week and she indicated that our Mama turtle, whom I have nicknamed “Lolly”, laid 119 eggs on December 10, 2011. Her eggs are safely incubating in the EDM Tortugero facility and Erendira has promised to inform us when her babies will be released. The incubation period is normally about 2 months, although lower temperatures may increase that time, so that would put the release sometime in February. Normally, hatchlings wait just below the surface of the hot sand and emerge at sunset or even after sundown. This allows them to avoid marauding predator birds. If you ever find baby hatchings struggling on the beach, simply pick them up and return them to the tortugero where Erendira will care for them. By the way, if you were unable to view the Turtle Movie, try this link. I have remade the movie using additional, higher quality photos provided by Ron Pogue and Bob Sanz. If you still cannot access the link and want to see the movie, stop by my condo. I have a DVD that I can loan you.

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