Organic Market

The “mercado organico” was inaugurated last Saturday January 7th and ran from at 8AM until noon at Zaragosa Park. It will run every Saturday morning at those times. Products will be either certified organic or grown pesticide free. We have worked hard to find vendors and hope to see great support so that this will grow each week. Organic markets have thrived in many Mexican cities and we know Mazatlan will be one more! Word has it that the market sold out quickly that first day but vendors scrambled to bring more product and were again open for business by about 11. The Zaragoza Park has been newly renovated and is in a quite beautiful section of town. Check it out!!

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2 Responses to Organic Market

  1. Joyce says:

    Kris, I have no idea where that park is…can you give more information? Maybe some landmarks that it’s near? Thanks


    • La_Lagunita says:

      The way I know how to get there is to start at the main cathedral in El Centro. Go right on 5 de Mayo and follow it down towards the Malecon. Zaragoza Park is where 5 de Mayo intersects Zaragoza.


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