MZT Whale Video

Always when I go out on the boat, I watch for whales… but I no longer bring my camera. It is SO hard to decently photograph whales from a safe distance. However, if you are “El Debate” and want close-up whale pictures, you pay a panga to get really (dangerously) close and take some spectacular home videos. They are all taken just off the coast here, so sighting whales at play is technically possible. Photographing them is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Click here to go to the video. It’s in Spanish, so you can either mute it or lend an ear. You will be surprised how much you understand when the Spanish is clearly spoken and in technical terms. She does speak quite quickly, but try to relax and catch the jist of what is being said. Then watch the video again.

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2 Responses to MZT Whale Video

  1. Claire Silk says:

    The whales are sooo beautiful. I love listening to them as well. When I have company we will be doing the Whale Watch here in Maz. Growing up on the East Coast allowed me to do some watching off Gloucester& Boston, MA, Portland, ME, Nova Scotia, and also in the S. Caribbean. This video is quite good…brave souls! Thanks Kris, great job on the blog…’scuse me while I go fart! Claire


  2. Joyce says:

    wonderful Kris…thanks for sharing.


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