Anyone Feeling Adventurous?

For those of you that are up for an adventure into the foothills of the Sierra Madre, a group from Mazatlan will be taking a tour to the village of Tacuitapa. This village is located about 20k south of San Ignacio, in the picturesque Tacuitapa river valley.
The trip will begin in Mazatlan at 9:00am Saturday, January 28.  The first leg will be to the Spanish colonial town of  San Ignacio where they will have lunch across from the town plaza. After lunch they will follow the road into San Juan and then head south to the village. The afternoon will be spent wandering around the forest and along the river. Dinner will be served around 7:00 and then the evening will be spent socializing on the veranda.
After breakfast in the morning, they will take a very short drive to access a hiking trail along a small stream. The trail is a shady path that winds through giant trees, some of which are only found in this part of Sinaloa. In the past, several Macaws as well as smaller parrots and pale billed woodpeckers have been seen. Even though this is the heart of Jaguar country, an actual sighting would be one in a million, however we could find paw prints along the trail. The walk will end at the village of San Juan where they will have drinks and sandwiches before heading back to modern Mexico. They will be back in Mazatlan by 6:00 pm Sunday afternoon.
The accommodations for our stay will be a modest hacienda on the outskirts of Tacuitapa, a village of about 130 people. The hacienda was built in the 1890’s and has been occupied by members of the original family ever since. The sleeping arrangements are dormitory style in the main room of the hacienda and there are 2 indoor bathrooms available.
Transportation will be a large, air conditioned van with storage space for personal gear. Travel from Mazatlan to Tacuitapa is north on the free road and then east to San Ignacio and then south to the village for a total of 140k. With favorable conditions, and minimum pit stops, the drive can be done in a leisurely two hours.
The cost for this back country tour is 1500 pesos per person and includes 4 meals plus transportation. The proceeds will go towards improving the lives of the villagers and as a eco tourism demonstration project. When they first went to this village 5 years ago, the inhabitants were killing every jaguar they could find. Now some members of this same community are actively protecting both the jaguar and their habitat.
The long term plan is to demonstrate that the jaguars and their unique habitat hold an economic opportunity when left unmolested and intact.  Eco-tourism is a rapidly growing industry as many people seek out distinctive and exceptional encounters with the natural world, which are abundant in the areas surrounding Tacuitapa.  With an overall mission to improve the lives of 130 villagers and preserve critical habitat, each of these trips to the village cultivate the process of positive transformation from resource extraction to resource utilization.
They only have room for 6 people on this trip, so if you are interested, please contact or call cell number 669 108 4804.
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