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Happy New Year!

On behalf of everyone at, Happy New Year! As 2012 gets into full swing, we’re rolling-out a comprehensive program of initiatives to make and this newsletter even more useful and more valuable to you. If you’ve visited Mexperience in the last couple of weeks, you’ll have noticed some changes already. We’re making the site more visual and this year we want to bring you more insightful ideas and inspiration that will help you to better experience Mexico, whether you plan to live here, take leisure time here, or both. If you have any comments about the work we do, please get in touch and tell us: your feedback really does shape the future of this independent web site.

New Mexico Immigration Law ‘Within Months’

Mexico’s immigration institute was expected to adopt the country’s new immigration laws into its code by the end of November 2011, but by early December the laws had not been adopted and there was no news about when they would be. Shortly before Christmas, the Mexican Ministry of the Interior, SEGOB, published a statement on its web site (in Spanish) saying that they are working hard to implement the new laws, and that they expect the new immigration code to be implemented ‘within the next few months’. Meanwhile, the current immigration rules remain in effect. The updated edition of the Guide to Mexico Immigration will be published soon after INM adopts the law code and the new procedures are known. Everyone who has downloaded the current edition of the Mexico Immigration Guide since January 1, 2011 as well as all those who download a copy now, will receive an automatic complimentary upgrade to the new edition when it is published.

Last Call for Monarch Butterflies

The awesome Monarch Butterflies, which arrived in Mexico last November to over winter here, are coming to the end of their stay. By mid March they will begin leaving and by the end of March they will have vanished from the Oyamel trees in the mountains of Michoacan. Our Monarch Butterfly tour partners, S&S Tours, are undertaking a final tour at the beginning of March–if you want to participate this season, get in touch with S&S Tours for more information–spaces are limited. If you want more information about the Monarch Butterflies in Mexico, connect to our online guide.

Healthcare Matters in Mexico

As healthcare prices in the U.S. continue to increase, increasing numbers of people living there are looking abroad for treatment, and Mexico–for its closeness–is emerging as a major healthcare center in North America. Whether you are planning to visit Mexico for affordable healthcare (for example, dental care is much less expensive here than it is in the U.S.) or plan to live in Mexico and are wondering how you will provide for your healthcare needs, our comprehensive section about Healthcare in Mexico will help you to get yourself informed. In addition to the guides, you can also connect to a series of regularly-updated blog articles, written by Monica Rix Paxson, author of theEnglish Speaker’s Guide to Medical Care in Mexico.

Things to Plan Ahead for in 2012

Although it might seem a little early in the year to be talking about distant events, if you’re planning to visit Mexico to experience one of the ‘big events’ here, you really need to book your arrangements early. And with this being 2012 (Maya prophecies and all that) if you plan to be anywhere near Yucatan / Chichen Itza in the first half of December, book now. You can find a list of the Major Events you need to book ahead for on our When to Go to Mexico guide which is also loaded with lots of other useful trip-planning information.

The Other Migrants

Since we launched our eBook Working and Self Employment in Mexico it has shot to the top of our best-sellers list. Judging by the keen interest people have demonstrated though their purchase choices, there are increasing numbers of working-age people considering a move to Mexico–to work. While working in the local economy in Mexico can be challenging, the advent of low-cost communications and the Internet have created many opportunities which did not exist fifteen years ago. Foreigners working in creative and ‘knowledge’ industries are finding that they can live in Mexico (and live here for less) while working for clients based in their home country and around the world. Some expats are also finding local employment legally and legitimately. The concise guide toWorking and Self Employment in Mexico explains what you need to know if working in Mexico is something you want to consider.

The Problem With Predicting Exchange Rates

In recent years, one of the hardest things to predict has been the peso/dollar exchange rate. Just when the peso seemed to be making a comeback from the 2008 devaluation, something else has happened leading investors to move back into dollars, either buying US Treasury bonds as a safe place to park money, despite very small returns, or buying dollar contracts in futures markets to protect their foreign investments against depreciation of the currencies in which they have invested.Read full article online…

Cost of Living Report 2012 Nearly Complete

Our eBook, Mexico Cost of Living Report has been very popular with readers over the last year. Our research team has completed the collection of pricing data and we’re now working through the details to update the entire report for 2012. This year’s edition will carry a number of enhancements and also show last year’s prices for the same goods, so a year-on-year price comparison will be possible. If you purchase the Cost of Living Report (2011 Edition) now, you will automatically receive the 2012 Edition free. Additionally, everyone who purchased a copy from October 1, 2011 will automatically receive the free upgrade. If you purchased the report before October 1, 2011 and wish to upgrade in 2012, a 50% discount will be offered when the updated edition in published in February.

Mexico Remains a Top Destination for Weddings and Honeymoons

If you’re planning to get Married abroad, and/or want to plan a sensational honeymoon experience, we have two complete guides to help you plan your special day in Mexico. Whether you want to get married in Mexico, or just spend a life-memorable honeymoon here, our guides will help you to find the right places and the right people to help you make it all happen… Weddings & Honeymoons in Mexico

Wholesome Fresh Food (And It’s Affordable)

With so much processed food about these days, and health concerns surrounding them, some people are seeking alternatives and going back to fresh ingredients to prepare their meals. There’s a catch to this: fresh foods can be more expensive than those TV dinners and fast food ‘favorites’. Curiously enough, we looked for TV dinners in Mexico (to include them on the Cost of Living Report), but couldn’t find any. Turns out that Mexican consumers prefer fresh food to pre-packaged frozen boxes. No Supermarket Required is a blog post we published that explains how local independent food traders (like butchers, fishmongers, bakers, etc.) are still thriving here in Mexico. A sister blog-post related to that is Wholesome Food Without the Whole Paycheck. Both posts give insights into how you can eat fresh, eat well, and not spend a fortune doing it here in Mexico.

How To Buy A Decent Mexican Hammock

There is some debate about where and how hammocks came into being, although it’s thought that hammocks arrived in Mexico from the Caribbean, a couple of centuries before the Spanish landed on the shores of present-day Veracruz. Mexican hammocks are woven in a variety of colors and patterns, although not all hammocks are created equal: there are certain features which need to be considered closely if you are going to procure a hammock that will last you and be comfortable to lie in… Read full article online

We’ve Improved Our Mexico eBooks Store!

We launched our Mexico eBooks store in October 2010. Our eBooks are proving popular with readers who value the knowledge and experience offered through a range of carefully selected titles, many of which cannot be found elsewhere. With eBooks, you can download immediately and read today. We guarantee you’ll find them valuable – or we’ll refund the purchase price through our 30-day money back guarantee. We’d like to thank everyone who is purchasing eBooks from Mexperience:your patronage supports independent authors and publishers who are investing their time to document specialized knowledge and experiences about Mexico that may not otherwise be so readily available, and your purchases also support the work of this independent web site. Thank you for your valued custom!

Real Estate Opportunities

Connect to these current real estate opportunities in Mexico:

Eco Homes – In San Felipe, 2 hours drive from the US Border, from $12,800

Colonial Home – Beautifully restored colonial home for sale in Patzcuaro for $225,000

Unique Investment – Hacienda & Land for Sale near Puerto Vallarta, in parcels of 1 hectare

Buy, Build or Extend Your Home in Mexico

This eBook is the definitive guide for anyone planning to buy a home, build a home or extend a home in Mexico. It’s packed full with solid, practical advice to help you make smarter choices in relation to buying, building or improving/extending your home in Mexico. If you plan to invest in real estate here in Mexico, the $19.95 download price will pay for itself time and again. If you don’t agree, tell us within 30 days and we’ll refund your money.

Learning Spanish

If you plan to live in Mexico, day-to-day situations will require that you speak Spanish to at least a basic conversational level. Daily routines, buying food and groceries, arranging for home repairs, dealing with home deliveries, your gardener and your maid, etc. … you really need to make an effort to speak the local language if you are going to get the most from your life in Mexico. Our guides toLearning Spanish will help you. We also publish a series of blog articles with tips and insights for anyone learning the language. You can also find connections to Spanish Language Schools in Mexico and to home-learning courses.

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