Open Letter to Cruise Ship Companies

Attached is an open letter to cruise ship companies urging them to put Mazatlan back on their ports-of-call list.

Hi everybody,

We invite you to read the attached Open Letter  we have sent to the Presidents of the Cruise Lines International Association [CLIA] and the Florida-Caribbean Cruise Association [FCCA].

Also, please take a few minutes  to browse through its Addendum with 17 pages of E-mails we received from the Foreign Community in Mazatlan in response to the question  “Is Mazatlan Safe to visit?”.

Our narrative is very simple…


 This is all about  expats and part-timers from north of the border campaigning to correct Mazatlan’s false image and revive the city’s tourism industry.


 We realize that the Mexican Government and other organizations are  working hard toward that objective, but it will not hurt for the Foreign Community in Mazatlan to support those efforts….”y poner nuestros dos granitos”….


 We are making a broad communication of this message  to the US and Canada Embassies in Mexico, Mazatlan  Foreign & Mexican Media as well as the Major US and Canadian Newspapers.


How can you help?

  1. Pass along this E-mail to your Friends and Family members in Mexico AND Abroad.                                                                                              Click here to view the Open Letter and the Addendum.
  2. Post it in your Social Networks to go viral and spread the word
  3. Send a short  and constructive message to the Cruise Lines Associations addressing the question “Is Mazatlan Safe to visit?”.
    Please E-mail your responses to                

 Thanks for your support,

 Henri & Frances Jarrat             USA- Nevada- Half time Maz. residents

Jackie Peterson                        USA- California- Full time Maz. resident

Bill & Jacque Demmer              USA- Texas- Full time Maz. residents

Jack & Valerie Moreau              CANADA- B.C- Half time Maz. resident

Gordon & Lynda Wainwright     CANADA- Alberta- Full time Maz. ResidentsOli & Betty Cajanek                    CANADA- Ontario- Half time Maz. resid

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