Bag Tracker (Updated)

For all of you who have bought the beautiful handmade bags and satchels from Dale, he has this idea to brighten up Silivia’s (the makers’) living room by posting a map with locator pins. So if you have purchased one of versatile bags, please let me know. Dale will put a pin in Silvia’s map for your location! UPDATE!! We have bags living in Scottsdale, AZ and Ft Collins, CO!   Silvia now is manufacturing luggage tags that will help identify your baggage as they travel around the airport carrosel. What a hot new item!! Where in the world have these gone to and back????

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3 Responses to Bag Tracker (Updated)

  1. Sue Broderick says:

    My bag now resides in Rock Island, Illinois, across from Davenport, Iowa, on the Mississippi River. I love it!!


  2. Susan Herman says:

    Love my bag here in Scottsdale, AZ. Susan Herman Paradis


  3. Bob Sanz says:

    What a nice idea. Mary has one in Fort Collins, Colorado.


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