Tom McCormick Honored

As the season draws to a close, we say good bye to all our friends, among whom we count dearly, Tom McCormick.  Tom left this world behind and has gone ahead but his friends and fellow golfers stopped a moment this morning to remember him.  This memorial bench is located at Tom & Sally’s favorite hole, the #4 here at Estrella del Mar. Next time you pass, take a seat, enjoy the view.

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2 Responses to Tom McCormick Honored

  1. claire silk says:

    I was moved to tears when I saw all the gentlemen kneeling at the bench. Thank’s for the nice pic Joyce. I had the pleasure of playing a few rounds of golf with Mr. McCormick over the last 5 years, and whenever I was in his home he and Sally were most gracious and always fun. He was a true Irishman…he loved to talk and seems he always had a story to tell. Ron and I have named the turn from hole 4 to 5 McCormick’s Corner, after a true gentleman and Irishman. Everytime I make that turn I will always say a silent prayer. Adios fellow Irishman!


  2. Marie-Claude says:

    I am touched by this beautiful way of remembering your dear friend Tom! EDM certainly is a beautiful place where many great people have gathered! We will certainly think of him and Sally every time we golf this beautiful hole.


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